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3 April 2017

Kangana Ranaut attends Navratri Devi Pooja for Stylist Ami Patel's new office

13 March 2017

Wishing all a very Happy Holi 

8 March 2017

Wishing all a very Happy International Women's Day

26 January 2017

Wishing all my fellow countrymen a happy republic day.

17 October 2016

Behind the Scenes at GQ India Cover shoot

26 August 2016

Its wonderful Prasoon Sir!


17 August 2016

Happy Rakshabandhan to all #Badass 2.0!!!

13 August 2016

Happy Independence Day

12 August 2016


10 August 2016

Swacch Bharat Campaign


09 August 2016

Happy 10th Anniversary Tata Sky!

03 August 2016

#KanganaRanaut with Ami Patel during the latter's Rudra puja ceremony!

24 July 2016

For Manav Gangwani at India Couture Week 2016

10 June 2016

Wishing Grazia A Happy 100th Anniversary
21 June 2016

"My Thoughts On International Yoga Day"

1. How and when you started doing Yoga? How were you introduced to it, if you can please revisit that moment for us?
Around 10 years ago, before I got my first break, I was just trailing around Juhu beach and I saw a guy doing hand-stands, cartwheels, completely balance and do full-split on one hand. So I stood there watching all that he was doing and when he was done with his postures, he stood up and looked at me and asked, "what are you looking at". And I said I want to do all of that, and he said it's a mixture of many things. So I asked him if he would teach me to which he said he will try. Then I realised that he was a struggling stuntman and he knew a lot about Yoga, taekwondo, kick-boxing, martial arts, tai-chi and everything possible that an action master should know. He presented all the options to me, so I asked him what he thought I should do and he suggested Yoga which will bring initial core strength in my body which I would need because I didn't seem to be very strong. So, I said fine and started doing yoga. Then we continued for many years and I learnt many other forms too. He also trained me for "Krrish 3" and "Revolver Rani". I did kick-boxing and other styles with Surya Narayanan, but he doesn't teach me anymore and has shifted back to his village. But I continued doing Yoga.

2. How it changed/enhanced your life? What changes it brought to your persona - inner and outer well being?
I can actually say that I have survived due to Yoga, but I started as an ordinary person and I was subjected to extra-ordinary circumstances. I could actually tell that my survival was becoming next to impossible, you know the kind of circumstances I was subjected to, and it demanded me to be extra-ordinary in terms of my qualities. So Yoga gave me that with meditation, postures and venting out a lot of restless energy through many postures and pranayam. It bought a lot of spiritual and physical balance in me and I think I evolved a lot of superhuman qualities like perseverance and patience or controlling my impulses. As in, I was very young or everybody I was dealing with was way older than me. So all these qualities, I do and I think I lasted and survived and I could achieve all I have is because of Yoga.

3. Is there any particular form of Yoga that you practice - how many times a week and duration? What's your fitness regimen like?
Apparently, Yoga is what I practiced. I do that five days a week if I can. But if I am busy, I just mix that up with something like Pilates and cross-fits. They come and go out of my life depending on how hectic my schedule is and what is the demand of my character, but Yoga is constant. It's always there and I don't approach Yoga like something that I have to do to acquire a certain physical shape. For me it is the most important part of my life, just like how I have to have food and I can't survive without it. The same way Yoga is a spiritual exercise for my spirit and not for my body alone. Keeping my balance as a human being is more important than actually having a 24 inches waist for me.

4. What has been its greatest benefits? And what not to expect?
There is nothing you can't expect. You can expect anything from Yoga. I remember I had a severe backache when I was 16 or 17 and when I started Yoga, my Yoga instructor said that you really have an exceptional problem for a teenager. Lot of acne, weak eye-sight and a weak back and today I think I really have super-human powers. I am 29. I can do horse-riding, I read a lot and I do not have any glasses, nothing... Like I said, there is nothing you can’t expect, like my mother was suffering from so many conditions like cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure issues, low hemoglobin and she didn't listen to me for the longest time unless she was really close to dead. And then she started doing Yoga and within three months she came back and now her body is like a 28-year-old. So there is nothing you can't expect. I have seen women who couldn't conceive earlier get pregnant. I have seen cancer getting cured with Yoga. So, there's literally nothing you can't expect.

5. If you have to give one reason to convince someone to take up Yoga what would it be?
I don't believe in these kind of talks. I think Yoga is a gift. When I started to do Yoga, my sir said that it is a gift which is only for the ones who deserve it. No matter how much you tell someone, his own mother and wife don't listen to him for that matter. He is my guru and his family doesn't do Yoga even though he is there all the time. My mother didn't listen to me for the longest time, so it's for people who deserve it. No matter how much you try and impose it on others or force it on others, it's just not possible if you don't deserve it. It's like enlightenment. I can't impose enlightenment on some-one. They have to work their way up there. If Buddha had his way, he would impose enlightenment on everyone. But he said, "The only difference between me and a layman is that I struggle much more than anyone else." So, you need to struggle your way up to the enlightenment also and deserve to do yoga.
10 June 2016

"Thank You, CNN - News 18"
03 May 2016

"National Awards 2016, Best Actress for Tanu Weds Manu Returns!"
28 April 2016

"Celebrating 10 years of Gangster! I am extremely proud of my Rags to Riches story, it's fun to be a misfit or an underdog if you acknowledge your gifts and befriend your obstacles."
7 April 2016

"reliance lyf smartphone plus"
8 March 2016

"Happy Women’s Day"
7 March 2016

"Two years of Queen"
15 January 2016

"This unquiet land" by Barkha Dutt.
10 January 2016

At the inauguration of Road safety Abhiyaan, with Arjun Kapoor, at RTO Thane, if you wanna be cool, please follow traffic rules.
12 October 2015

Watch It Here.
12 October 2015

At Women in the world Summit, in conversation with Tina Brown.
1 October 2015

Marquee woman is the one who dares to be herself and follows the path less travelled,
thank you for the opportunity and have a lot of fun with fashion.
14 September 2015

"Slayed and Conquered."
11 September 2015

Queen premier at gaurmount opera paris, "A Dream Come True!"
2 September 2015

Already celebrating#Katti Batti.
29 August 2015

Happy Rakshabandhan to all
17 June 2015

12 June 2015

Katti Batti - Trailer Out On 14th June 2015... Hold Your Hearts :)
03 May 2015

Here we go one more time, national award with my family.
01 May 2015

OMG those brooding eyes, intense little girl, some of us are just born that way #bigsigh
01 May 2015

Got my hands on my mum's old album, when a child doesn't mind punishment for skipping school shoes and hair band for more fashion friendly heels and hair accessories, you know she's a genuine fashionista. 1996 class 5 #schoolinginthemountains.
01 May 2015

My father threw a bash for my win, Patar( leaf ) bhoj, hight of a pahadi' excitement, I prefer partying in Mumbai.
01 May 2015

Back to the valley. Family house in the mountains.
23 April 2015

Charlie's Angles reunion: night out with my class mates and room mates from DAV 15 Chandigarh, I remember the last day of school summer of 2003 all three of us so nervous and anxious for our future and 12 years later we meet again. Shy and giggly Bondina a research scholar(PHD) in English Literature, lazy and fragile Ranita a successful Physiotherapist, geeky mountain girl Kangana an actor. So proud of our little room A2 which was famously called Charlie's angles den :).
16 April 2015

"Aye Mere Pyaare Vatan, Aye Mere Bichhade Chaman
Tujh Pe Dil Qurabaan"
16 April 2015

"Aye Mere Pyaare Vatan, Aye Mere Bichhade Chaman
Tujh Pe Dil Qurabaan"
12 April 2015

Tanu Weds Manu Returns, trailer is out on the 14th of April.
28 March 2015

Liva Launch
27 March 2015

Queen is Bobby's(D.O.P of Queen) last film. Our journey together from Gangster to Queen has been a special one, I lost my friend but the world saw me through his eyes. This film will always be the last gift from my friend Bobby. I accept the National award for the best actress on behalf of my team, director Vikas Bhal, Editor Anurag Kashyap, Producers Phantom, Studio Viacom all the technical and creative team including the cast and the talent. We are extremely thrilled and overwhelmed. Thank you.
18 March 2015

Pictures from Tanu weds Manu Returns Poster Launch on my B'day
23 March 2015

Spring child

At 16 she was just a girl who was trapped in a stranger’s body, more often than not that body seemed possessed by alien forces like menstrual blood, cramps, stretch marks, acne, shameful desires and regretful deeds. Neither did she want that body nor that person.

At 19 the seed was bursting and an artist was trying to sprout from it, did it make it? Did it not? That seed might have not made it and many others after that didn’t either but one seed eventually did, the price and the pain both were unbearable.

At 23 when she looked into the mirror she was faced with a bundle of contradictions, she contradicted herself but she didn’t lie not even to herself. Her honesty was endearing and for the first time I liked her.

At27 I ‘d fallen madly and deeply in love with the mountain woman who speaks with clouds and butterflies.

I can’t wait to grow old and meet her when her eyes will sparkle with wisdom and her voice will quiver with kindness and here another thought hits me, how much more time do I have with her?

Time is slipping from my hands just like sand does and I know one lifetime won’t be enough for us.

Can I close my eyes and breath this beautiful spring day in and let it flow through my blood and make it a part of me? Can I stay in this moment for a little longer before 27 deserts me like a lost love affair and before 28 conquers me like a conquest.

Kangana Ranaut.
18 March 2015

First look of Imran Khan as Kissi man in Katti Batti, gigantic Kissi king is coming everyone...
09 March 2015

SamsungGalaxyS6 #shootinginParis #vogue #Manish #Kangana
09 March 2015

Kangana Ranaut at Samsung Galaxy S6 launch during Paris fashion week , wearing Jean-Paul Gaultier
07 March 2015

Fashion, food, friends, and lots of red wine # J'aime Paris.
23 February 2015

First solo picture from Katti Batti
23 February 2015

Healthiest and highest form of spiritual and mental well being is not about autonomy, acquiring or desiring material objects, gaiety or absence of pain, it is Vitality- the freedom to experience spontaneous feelings. It is part of the kaleidoscope of life that these feelings are not only happy, beautiful or good but can reflect the entire range of human experience, including envy, jealousy, rage, disgust, greed, despair, grief and defeat.
23 February 2015

So don't ever fight, defy or repress your emotions or feelings, that is the root cause of all illnesses, accept yourself your powers and your weaknesses, if the world fails to love you for who you are, don't join them in this cruelty, love yourself and free yourself.
17 February 2015

When a little girl curls her tiny body against your leg, everything in your
belly starts to melt #addictedtolove.
14 February 2015

Sarayy raah unsaay nazarr mili, To naksh dil kay ubharr gayay,
Hum nazarr mila kar jhijhag gayay, Woh nazarr jhukaa kar chalay gayay." :
Mirza Ghalib.
Happy Valentine's day :)
11 February 2015

While Datto is enjoying her fresh and juicy sugarcane
I am thinking most beautiful people arn't the ones who are
misunderstood, they are the ones who are misunderstood but
are absolutely ok with it.
"just a thought #sugarcane #nostalgia #papa #mountains
#LittleGirlWithBrokenTeeth #love
08 February 2015

pictures from last night's party
27 January 2015

Give as the rose gives perfume, because it is it's own nature, utterly unconscious of giving." : Swami Vivekananda
24 January 2015

Dancing shoes on for Katti Batti graduation farewell party
20 January 2015

The best form of art is where reality is replicated and conveyed effortlessly,
but sometimes the peculiar language that the format of cinema possesses could act as an
obstacle in the way of conveying the vastness of that reality, only one thing can rescue an artist here: Experience.
Experience over talent # just a thought
31 December 2014

Happy new year everyone.
Mountain girl is the happiest in the mountains :)
26 December 2014

26 December 2014

08 December 2014

UBER rape case brings us to another dark and shameful day.
I wonder if death penalty is the answer then why not hang the
law makers and authorities as well,

whose sick and ill minds are responsible for a repeat offenders
freedom and hence the offensive actions and crimes.
What would you call such people who are ready to sell their character,
honesty, integrity for handful of coins?

Are they not criminals?
Disgusted and ashamed, its a collective failure of our society,
our education system and our people.
Failure of humanity indeed.
02 December 2014

Me and Marilyn, awesome gift from Javier Molina
22 November 2014

Datto warming up on sets
09 November 2014

We welcome our lovely Datto to team Tanu Manu returns
08 November 2014

First look of Imran's nipple.
08 November 2014

Watch Satyameva Jayete tomorrow 9th November, Sunday on Star plus at 11am
07 November 2014

Sweet gesture, sweeter fragrance:).
I love Burberry.
04 November 2014

"Boys don't miss this episode, this is your guide to ' how to get the woman of your dreams'.
Good luck."
26 October 2014

Katti Batti first schedule starts tomorrow,
Butterflies in my stomach.
23 October 2014

My fireworks
23 October 2014

Dipawali ki hardik shubkamnayein.
23 October 2014

My favourite dude :)
I love Ranveer
23 October 2014

First Diwali Hug :)
19 October 2014

Who is rich and who is poor?
The one who suffers from insomnia inside the walls of his
palace or the one who sleeps like a king on the road?
17 October 2014

Law student Chintu Chatora, Trivedi ji's tenant.
Hum yeh janna chahte hain fashion police ka
Kya kehna hai inke style ke bare mein?
09 October 2014

Missing my b'day boy brother and my lion king
09 October 2014

Tanu in Lucknow :)
07 October 2014

Here we go one more time :)
02 October 2014

Durga puja ki shubkamnayein.
Worshipping the Goddess # awakening Shakti
01 October 2014

Badshah, Badshah nahin hote, Fakir Badshah hote hain.
Rumi was a Badshah, he didn't rule, he conquered- Sai Kabir
30 September 2014

#GQAwards - Woman Of The Year
25 September 2014

Beautiful day :)
20 September 2014

Katti Batti Look Test
19 September 2014

#KanganaRanaut #Showstopper 4 @karanjohar as he unveiled the #MarqueeCollection
19 September 2014

#ShowStopper for the night. #Kangana walking the ramp at the launch of #MarqueeByKJo @VeroModaIndia
11 September 2014

05 September 2014

wearing Teal is a big Deal. Be Ovare on Ovarian Cancer. Go Teal on 5th Sept.
#WearTealDay #IndiaTealWarriors
31 August 2014

Beautiful Sunday at Vivekananda institute of human excellence,
remembering the man who is responsible for the
woman that I am today, Vivekananda my light, my guide :)
29 August 2014

Wishing everyone a very happy Ganesh Utsav
25 August 2014

Film Companion Master Class
25 August 2014

Film Companion Master Class Q & A
21 August 2014

three idiots on satyamev jayate
19 August 2014

I absolutely loved being the first guest
on Anupama's Film Companion Master class,
it's incredible
15 August 2014

Wishing everyone Happy Independence Day
10 August 2014

Rakshabandhan ki Shubkamnayein
09 August 2014

@Suneet Verma's show
30 July 2014

Workshops on for Katti Batti at Nikhil Advani's office
28 July 2014

At Holy Mother's temple at Ramkrishnan math,
mothers are the purest form of love that we can witness,
worshipping that purity
27 July 2014

Watch out for my chat show with
Mr.Anupam kher on colors 8pm tonite
22 July 2014

Kangana Ranaut bags the 'Beauty Of The Year' Award at the Vogue Beauty Awards
22 July 2014

Kangana Ranaut stuns in a Namrata Joshipura outfit at the Vogue Beauty Awards.
16 July 2014

@India Couture week for Anju Modi in Delhi
12 July 2014

Back to posing, Lights and Camera with my friend Prasad :)
06 July 2014

My classmate clicked this picture of NYC from
our classroom, time to say goodbye :),
heading back now
26 May 2014

Today we launched Tanishq collection named Iva.
Wish luck to Tanishq and me for this association :)
13 May 2014

3 May 2014

Indian film festival Melbourne"
30 April 2014

"Kangana wins actor of the year"
31 March 2014

"Eating The Queen Cake :)"
8 March 2014

Happy Queen's day.
6 March 2014

Revolver Rani, first look, enjoy.
4 March 2014

Queen cake
22 February 2014

Christopher Bailey and myself at the Burberry show, London Fashion Week.
22 February 2014

Another promotional day for Queen. Dior outfit and dior nude pumps
17 February 2014

Queen promotions in Dubai :)
14 February 2014

Promoting Queen in Punjab
10 February 2014

My song 'London Thumakda' from Queen, enjoy!!!! :).
1 February 2014

Hello everyone I am back in Mumbai to begin promoting Queen. Tonight we launch the music of Queen at Amit Trivedi's live concert at the Kala Ghoda Festival. Cheers :)
25 December 2013

"Merry Christmas! Hoping you all have a wonderful christmas."
22 December 2013

"Hope you all like it."
20 December 2013

At the launch of the Vinegar store in Hyderabad.
15 December 2013

Where sun shines with all it's warmth and the world appears surreal ,
Happy to be back in mountains
15 December 2013

Where sun shines with all it's warmth and the world appears surreal ,
Happy to be back in mountains
13 December 2013

Off to Switzerland and Paris,
will post a few pics in the coming days.
08 December 2013

Here is the Teaser from my film "Queen". Looking forward to your "Pehla Honeymoon" tips and suggestions
08 December 2013

Wrapped the climax shoot of Revolver Rani inthe jungles of Jawahar
30 November 2013

Rehearsing For Revolver Rani Climax Fight Sequence
26 November 2013

At Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards
25 November 2013

First time at the horse races
17 November 2013

"Getting ready to go onstage at Signature International Fashion Weekend '13"
16 November 2013

First day collections of Rajjo have crossed 6CR ... That is wonderful news for us and exceeded all predictions
13 November 2013

First Screening Of "Rajjo" Tonight
09 November 2013

Hope you are all enjoying Krrish 3, Rajjo promotions are on now.
05 November 2013

Here I am once again! Rajjo promotions in Delhi.
27 October 2013

Krrish 3 promotions are on in full swing.
22 October 2013

Off to Delhi and Dubai for Krrish 3 promotion meanwhile do watch this interview, many people liked it.
21 October 2013

Hey, did you guys see my episode of Bigg Boss? If not, watch the repeat telecast tonight and give me your feedback.
19 October 2013

Hi guys, please share this video, thanks.
12 October 2013

Queen's world premiere in Busan International Film Festival and Krrish 3 release promotions keeping me busy.
07 October 2013

I am thrilled that I got time to cook today I love eggplants with mozzarella and Cherry tomatoes
05 October 2013

Star Verdict with one of my favourite ladies Anupama Chopra, just finished a very heart felt chat with Anu, feel lighter and happier."
05 October 2013

Watch out for my dance with Sidhu on Comedy Nights with Kapil 6th October
04 October 2013

Please see this month Cine Blitz
30 September 2013

When I first saw this Valentino dress in Milan, it reminded me of the pink Givenchy dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's that was made for Audrey Hepburn. She looked like a fairy, but I didn't want to look that soft...that's why avant-garde hair and make up with this very classic and chic dress.
This is my interpretation of boho chic
28 September 2013

Rajjo's poster
27 September 2013

Hi! Rajjo's trailer launched today on YouTube, check it out " :)
25 September 2013

My and HR's song from Krrish 3, enjoy!!!!
21 September 2013

When I dub the whole film I don't find it difficult, but for a sync-sound film like "Queen" one has to dub bits and pieces, sometimes just one line, and that has to match with the on location recorded dialogues, I find it very difficult.
18 September 2013

Screen Big Picture event at Marriott, check out this week's Screen, I am on the cover.
18 September 2013

Krish 3 Music Launch at T-Series office.
07 September 2013

It's going to be a very healthy day, What ?? it's Saturday !!! I am not going to eat unhealthy fish and chips and chocolate mud cake in the night ! Hehhehehehe
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